Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday confessions

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A few of the blogs I follow have a Sunday Confessions link-up. I personally quite like the idea of it, but refuse to blog on Sunday. Sundays are my church and husband day. I am old school like that.

So you know what? I am making my own dream come true (how dramatic!) and having my own Friday confessions today!

1- I am a judgy McJudgerson person. I have been working on it forever, but the truth is, the first thing that comes to my mind is judgemental in 99% of the cases. Obviously, I tend to keep that to myself, and try to tell myself that's not WJWD (haha, get it?), but if you do something stupid in front of me chances are I will judge you. I am sorry.

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2- I am mildly obsessed with reality TV and competition shows. I actually know it's not good for me, because I don't really get anything out of it, but part of me itches when I see a Kardashian, Top Chef, or Project Runway clip. No matter if I've already seen said episode and know exactly what will happen. That's the main reason why I avoid TV, but every so often I let myself indulge in a couple of episodes.

Remember him? In one word: scary (I told you I judged!)

3- I love naps, and I think we should embrace the cultures which opt for a siesta. People would be less cranky and more productive. Plus, people wouldn't pretend they don't nap because they think it's childish. You answer your phone at 4pm on a Saturday with a groggy voice? Just come out and say it, don't pretend you have a sore throat.

4- I am a member of Curves and I love it. They have this new program (at least here in Brazil), which includes a really cool dance training called Sh'Bam. If you think Curves are for old fat people, I dare you to live through one of their cardio trainings without panting.

5- I think someecards have some of the funniest things out there nowadays. And most of the ones I find funny have some bad language, but it's oh, so fitting.

Have a great Friday everyone!